Embattled Polanski provides a model for troubled stars

He pled guilty to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl more than 30 years ago and then spent three decades as a fugitive, but director Roman Polanski is still able to make a film and actually have people go see it. Considering all the intense media scrutiny of Polanski’s September arrest in Switzerland for […]

Websites remove the need for real life

It seems like every time you go online there’s a new website advertising the next must-have service. Some are aimed at niche interests, while others try to revolutionize the way everyday needs are met. The other day I came across such a website, Twitpay.me. Advertising “payments in 140 characters or less,” Twitpay.me is a Twitter […]

Figure skater Weir evokes lost era of glam

When American figure skater Johnny Weir glides onto the ice, people discuss more than his triple axel. Yes, it’s not easy to ignore his outlandish costumes and rocky relationship with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals because of his very public love of fur. But larger and louder than both of those is the […]

Start diva-dieting with muffin tops

Tear open a Nabisco 100-calorie pack, and you get five little crisps that resemble the conveyor belt castoffs of Oreos or Chips Ahoy. Nabisco’s new slogan is “Diet Like a Diva,” and it bears some truth. Chances are you will feel so dissatisfied with these Oreo wafers that you’ll storm off to find a pack […]

Tourists and locals go wild at Carnevale

Our motto was “No man left behind,” but in an ocean of people packed like the Tokyo subway during rush hour, these efforts almost proved futile. Linking arms with my traveling companions, I attempted to squeeze through the crowds in Venice, Italy’s St. Mark’s Square. The people have gathered here for the Carnevale di Venezia […]

Scorsese directs, DiCaprio shines

Martin Scorsese has been behind the development of no small number of great actors. For instance, if it weren’t for him, Robert De Niro would not be the actor he is today. And, as the director’s new film Shutter Island will confirm, if not for Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t be one of the best actors […]

Google’s failed plot for world domination

These days it might seem like Google is a villain in the style of old pulp adventures, plotting to take over the world from its secret lair. Googleplex isn’t an underground, Ken Adams-designed base and CEO Eric Schmidt isn’t Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but the analogy isn’t far off. The Internet and software company has been […]

Microwave cooking not just for freshmen

Ah, freshman year — when makeshift kitchens consisted of a microwave, mini-fridge and a contraband blender. Hard times indeed but those who resigned to living off of Lean Cuisine and Top Ramen have only themselves to blame. Because when it’s not ruining your gold-rimmed plates or pulsating invisible radiation into the air, the humble microwave […]

Romances that capture the comedy and tragedy of love

The new film Valentine’s Day, which opens today, offers audiences “a day in the life of love,” but, as most could easily predict, the film will not be offering anything new. Most Hollywood films about romance tend toward the same dull conventions of narrative and form — as is the case with Valentine’s Day. This […]

Valentine’s Day tricks for late planners

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, this time with a well-earned three-day weekend. For many students, this means extra wallowing and maybe a one-night stand or two, but, for those who actually have relationships, the weekend holds a bit more significance and a chance for a romantic evening. But for busy college students, planning […]