Blender-produced fare is a mixed bag

Want to play passive-aggressive and keep your hallmates up at night? Crave luscious drinks, savory soups and decadent pâtés? One appliance can deliver them all — your blender. Whether you are still stuck in a dorm room or have your own kitchen, a blender is an incredibly easy appliance to use and store. For many, […]

Gaga’s new video revitalizes the genre

Think back to a time when you were anxiously awaiting the release of a music video. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Like the novelty of seeing a film in its theatrical release, producing visually intriguing stories set to music has been worn so thin that music videos are on the verge of becoming obsolete — […]

Blogging provides students a soapbox

This week I did something that I never thought I would do — I started a blog. Blogging has become a nearly ubiquitous hobby for our generation — at least, that’s how it’s sometimes portrayed by the media. While the blogosphere is quite vocal, not everyone has a blog, especially not every college student. Still, […]

Travel snacks: eat right in flight

Unless you scored seats on your own private jet, flying home for spring break holds a few certainties: You will encounter a squealing baby, someone with a hacking cough and in-flight food that is unpalatable to a starving refugee. What happened to edible airline food? The burgers have radioactive cheese and the hot dogs are […]

Music biopic’s Oscar wins aren’t that Crazy

Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar win Sunday evening was unprecedented. Jeff Bridges’ win, however, was not. Certainly for Bridges, a five-time Academy Award nominee, his Oscar victory for his performance in Crazy Heart is unprecedented — and long overdue — when considering his prolific film career. But this isn’t the first time an actor has garnered the […]

Comedy club shows off London humour

If I ever put out a personal ad, I would only need one line: “Single girl in search of funny man.” And because I also like guys with British accents, the idea of a British comedian makes me weak in the knees. So during my regular midnight session of Googling for the best places to […]

Good cops, bad cops similarly glorified

There are few characters in film that are more glorified than police officers. Whether honest or corrupt, to be a cop on screen is to add flair and poignancy to a job that, while noble in actuality, is hardly ever glorified in the same manner. Throughout film history, cops have been romanticized, cast as saviors […]

Getting to know L.A. the online way

Last August, I was packing my bags in preparation to start at USC when I realized that I really did not know Los Angeles. I had been visiting family in Southern California for years, but I really didn’t know what it was like to live in the city. I was coming from the suburbs of […]

Culinistas take the stress out of cooking

What if you could come home to your dorm room or apartment and enjoy a hot plate of Thai coconut curry or chicken parmesan all without having to cook or defrost? The Dish’s Dish, a chef service new to Los Angeles, offers both working adults and students a way to enjoy any food they want […]

Reissues capitalize on existing fan bases

Twice a year, I pay a visit to the affectionately christened Elliott Smith Memorial Wall. Located on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, the wall — which to most simply stands as the exterior of Solutions, an electronic store — has become a sacred site for nostalgic Smith fans since the singer-songwriter’s untimely death in 2003. […]