Notorious serial killer is out of place in modern London

As the familiar neon sign of the Tower Hill Tube station glowed brightly against the backdrop of the setting sun, a male figure loomed ominously in the shadows. He wore a cavernous trench coat and a brown fedora, giving me the distinct impression that it had been lifted straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. […]

Strange Days found couple before Oscars

When it came down to either James Cameron or Kathryn Bigelow for best director at last month’s Academy Awards ceremony, what is usually a formal battle between multiple talented directors became something quite personal. Not only are the two directors former husband and wife, but they have also collaborated on more than one film within […]

Web-based activism seeks to keep e-masses in the know

It always seems the Internet is under attack. Every week some fresh outrage breaks out over something that has appeared online. Sometimes it’s a morality issue stemming from some indecent website or video. This time the website in question is The site recently leaked footage from 2007 that shows an attack by American helicopters […]

Vegetable co-op takes root at USC

From battered apples to mangled cabbage, Superior Grocers is not a hotspot for great produce. Ralphs has better quality, but woe to the student who doesn’t check the price until the register. For USC students, however, this barren plane of near-campus veggies does not go on forever. Since February, USC has had its own vegetable […]

Coachella underdogs worth the early trip

April in Southern California brings three certain, oft-dreaded events: rainstorms, tax day and Coachella. Currently in its 11th year, the formerly two-day-, once one-day- and now three-day-long Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual mecca for area music fans. In its relatively short tenure, Coachella has become a local staple. But what started […]

Hollywood has hard time staying hushed

Writer-director Christopher Nolan has been very busy since the release of his blockbuster The Dark Knight two years ago — so busy in fact that most haven’t a clue as to what his next project, Inception, is actually about. Even the film’s trailer, which was released online a few months ago, does little to unravel […]

Traditional news outlets lose to the web

While relaxing in my dorm Sunday, my roommates and I were surprised when the building suddenly began to sway back and forth. One of my roommates turned on the T.V. to get news on the earthquake, but it was at least 10 minutes before even local news networks had any coverage of it. Two of […]

Learning a lot from cooking T.V. shows

No matter what your mom might say, television can be educational. Anyone who grew up on a rigid diet of Rugrats, Doug and Scooby Doo has all the tools for social interactions, school life and dodging vigilante laws. In at least one respect, things haven’t changed much since ’90s-era Nickelodeon programming. If everything in your […]

Runaways exposes inequality in rock

In last week’s The New York Times review of Dum Dum Girls’ I Will Be, which debuted March 31, the critic could not get through even the first clause of his opening sentence without labeling the shoegaze-y pop-rock outfit an “all-female” band. Yes, the group’s name does invoke a specific gender and, yes, frontwoman Dee […]