Chadha’s latest film is not so Wonderful

In 2002, British director Gurinder Chadha delved into the complex world of the Indian ethnic identity in present-day England. Bend It Like Beckham — a film about a talented young Indian woman living in London with impressive soccer skills — places the main character’s European-influenced social life against the strict religious expectations of her Indian-born […]

USC at Sundance

Every year, members of the Trojan Family descend on Park City, Utah for the movie industry’s biggest independent film festival.

Poor execution stakes vampire movie

Amid the number of vampire films emerging from the recent craze, it has been hard to find a true vampire story. While vampire movies released lately do pertain to blood-sucking creatures, they lean toward one of two ends of the vampire myth spectrum. On one end of the spectrum are the Anne Rice and Twilight […]

A decade of maverick filmmaking

Wikipedia states that to be considered an independent film, half the film’s budget must come from a source besides a major studio. But to hipsters everywhere, “indie” can either be annoying and pretentious or nihilistic and edgy. In any case, so-called indie film has come a long way in the last 10 years. This list […]

Reitman fails to ground himself in reality

Up in the Air ignores any statutes of limitation on making fun of the American economy and goes straight for the jugular — finding veins of comedy and drama within the plight of the American worker. With a director like Jason Reitman at the helm, Up in the Air is hardly typical as satire, and, […]