Voyeurism, narcissism and vanity thrive in ‘Public’

Before you could tag yourself in Facebook pictures, organize your Top 8 friends on MySpace or send @MileyCyrus a love tweet, there was a web pioneer in the ’80s and ’90s named Josh Harris, whose aggressive business tactics and eccentricities have been captured by director Ondi Timoner in the searing documentary We Live in Public. […]

Film depicts staggering truths through virtual world

This is not your average robot flick. There are no clinking metallic machines developing intelligence and trying to take over the world. Instead, the machines look exactly like, and are controlled by, humans. Humans are the agents of their own follies, even if the mistakes they make are through a synthetic being. This is reality […]

Novel’s brutal themes lost in film’s translation

There exists an ongoing and seemingly endless verbal war between bookworms and film geeks since the first instance that The Dreaded Question was uttered. Historians remain unsure as to whether the question spilt first from the lips of a literature aficionado or a cinematic connoisseur; however, they agree that an unknown individual turned to his […]

Tautou’s tailored performance shines in Chanel

There are endless assumptions made about the infamous fashion label Chanel and the woman behind its creation. While the name “Chanel” evokes visions of perfect tweed suits, black and white color schemes, eternal class and Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel herself was an infinitely more complex and radiant person than her designs may lead on. According to […]