Must-try coffee shops for caffeine-hungry Trojans

As college students perpetually fueled by caffeine, Starbucks and K-Cups tend to compose an integral part of our hectic routine. In search of energy boosts, we often get stuck in our comfort-zone cup of joe, not having or taking the time to explore other coffee types and flavors. But, as one of my friends recently remarked, coffee is and should be an experience — one shared with other people or even just thoroughly and mindfully enjoyed by oneself. Here are some coffee shop options that will satisfy your taste buds and sleep-deprived soul.

Eating L.A. Before it Eats Itself: Americans aren’t the only ones acing the pancake game

Pancakes are an inevitable facet of any functioning society. Before noodles were crafted out of flour and starch, before bread was baked fresh in ovens, before rice was tenderly dried and boiled, there was the pancake. The mummified stomach of 5,300- year-old Otzi the Iceman was filled with pancakes. Unlike other carbohydrates that needed to […]