Late-night munchies: a guide to 24-hour eateries

Every college student has experienced the dilemma of craving Chipotle at 3 in the morning. But don’t worry; there are plenty of 24-hour establishments around Los Angeles that will satisfy your late-night hankerings. When your stomach is rumbling  at an unreasonable hour, these restaurants will sate your appetite: El Huero One of USC’s finest is […]

REVIEW: Meathead! offers a new mashup: pizza burgers

In the crazy world of food mashups, dishes such as Nutella pizza and bulgogi tacos have gained major traction on social media foodies. Southern California has become a hub for novel culinary trends, with milky buns — ice cream donut sandwiches — from After’s Ice Cream to sushi donuts from Project Poke. But has anyone […]

REVIEW: Sage Bistro delivers fresh organic flavors to vegan dishes

Many think of a vegan diet as rabbit food. However, Sage Bistro proves that vegan food can be full of flavor. The restaurant’s menu entirely consists of plant-based ingredients purchased from local farmers. Through weekly communication with farmers, Sage works to ensure that diners receive the best tasting food. Sage Bistro has three Los Angeles […]

REVIEW: Sweetfin Poké delights with flavor

With plenty of poke shops popping up around and throughout the Los Angeles area, it can be difficult for shop owners to distinguish themselves among the sea of poke — yet Sweetfin Poké does so with an air of grace. The friendly staff and sparkling floor-to-ceiling windows elevate the shop while adding a breath of […]

REVIEW: Tilt blends hot and cold in coffee

It’s not hard to find great coffee in Los Angeles. In Downtown, a high-end coffee bar, low-key diner or chaotic Starbucks are never more than a few hundred meters away from each other, and more are popping up every month. What is rare, however, is a truly unique coffee experience, and Tilt Coffee Bar offers […]