Review: Sulga Jinju Gom Tang serves organic beef soup

Located on the busy Beverly Boulevard, Korean restaurant Sulga Jinju Gom Tang, also known as the “House of Beef Soup,” has opened for  a two month run and is going pretty well so far. It is actually the new location of the original Jinju Gomtang restaurant, which first started its business on the intersection of […]

Fish Time restaurant in LA satisfies seafood cravings

Seafood lovers in Los Angeles are in luck — a new spot has launched to satisfy their cravings. Fish Time, a casual restaurant that brings fresh seafood to the surrounding community, started its business in Glendale in June. It features all kinds of raw and cooked seafood, including fish off the grill, poke bowls, sandwiches […]

BrunchDTLA offers delicious brunch for affordable prices

Nestled in a food court inside a bank of Downtown apartments, BrunchDTLA — which opened in late spring — is perhaps one of the few real hidden gems in the Los Angeles culinary scene. In a time when social media and food appear to go hand-in-hand, it is surprising that the new eatery has not […]

Kachi Bowls & Grill offers Argentine cuisine with a twist

Los Angeles’ trendy new restaurant, Kachi Bowls and Grill, is breaking from poke and acai bowls to establish a brand-new flavor concept that will provide patrons with a gourmet Argentine and South American dining experience. At the edge of East 9th Street in the heart of the L.A. Fashion District, the restaurant combines fresh ingredients […]

Roski senior promotes sustainability on campus

On Wednesday evening, a dozen-odd volunteers gathered in the garden behind  Watt Hall to turn over the soil in a 15-foot square. That square will be a cornfield by the end of this summer. The soil-turning event marked the sweaty beginning of The Crop Project, a senior thesis by Roski School of Fine Arts student […]