Band benefits from working with producer

Philadelphia rock band Dr. Dog has made a splash in the national music scene in recent years as it has gained increasing media exposure — and rightfully so. With a hard work ethic, the band members are no strangers to life on the road. Supporting the release of its new album, Shame, Shame, Dr. Dog […]


Music fans from across the city gather in E.F. Hutton Park and Founders Park for the second annual KSCR Fest.

Young Hollywood takes on punk legends

Last weekend, subjects of teen worship Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning starred as the girl-power punk rockers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie of the Runaways. Not only did the duo take on new personalities and wardrobes for the roles, they bravely accepted the responsibility of covering well-known Runaways songs for the soundtrack. The soundtrack perfectly […]

Static’s new album much more than white noise

The band’s name might be the literal translation of the Finnish word for “computer,” but Static of the Gods’ latest release Knowledge Machine is all about life, humanity and emotion. The Boston-based trio of Jen Johnson, Mike Latulippe and Ben Voskeritchian have put together one of the best albums so far this year, but its […]