Indie band’s second album fails to impress

If you’re in need of background music for your next vegan barbecue with your American Apparel-clad hipster friends, Nana Grizol’s Ruth would be a good candidate. It would fit in seamlessly on your “Indie” playlist, and don’t worry —  no song is so fast it makes you bob your head to the point of choking […]

Top 20 albums of ’09

1. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix V2 Records Released: May 26 Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is the best kind of record, the kind that slowly, insidiously seeps into your head and then takes up residence there, refusing to leave. A grower, in short, but one that proves itself more than worthy of all the attention. It’s […]

Snow Patrol’s mix tape won’t last through the ‘Night’

In the ’90s, girls and boys raced to boom boxes to listen to the latest mix tape made by their significant others. But in a generation where iPods have replaced CDs and cassette tapes, the personalized compilations in which teenagers poured their souls have turned into mechanical playlists created by the genius button in iTunes. […]