Lana Del Rey flexes songwriting muscles on sixth album

Lana Del Rey’s music is always full of dualities. Her sixth studio album, “Norman Fucking Rockwell!,” is no exception. Del Rey’s writing, partnered with Jack Antonoff’s production, contains sarcasm and sincerity in every breath. From the start, her vocals pull you into her sonic universe. The titular track fulfills the album cover’s hopes of boarding […]

Rising Son: Bovard is a USC landmark, but its significance has depreciated

If you’re walking down Trousdale Parkway, you’re bound to run into Bovard Auditorium. You can’t miss it. Built in 1921, it  remains totemic to the fabric of USC’s campus: Its ornate, neoclassical architecture and the statues of philosophers standing on its upper ledges give the bustling University a sense of hushed academia. As a starry-eyed […]

REVIEW: USC alumni-produced horror film blends thrills with satire

In the post-“Get Out” era of horror-comedy, it’s difficult to see new films without the veil of the movies’ shadow. “Ready or Not,” a horror comedy produced by USC alumnis Tripp Vinson and James Vanderbilt, is no freer of that burden than any other new horror film. From the moment the camera pulls away from […]