Comedy club shows off London humour

If I ever put out a personal ad, I would only need one line: “Single girl in search of funny man.” And because I also like guys with British accents, the idea of a British comedian makes me weak in the knees. So during my regular midnight session of Googling for the best places to […]

Low budgets honored at Indie Spirit Awards

It’s comforting to know that an awards show celebrating the 2009 film season can still exist without box office darlings Avatar and Sandra Bullock, as the Film Independent Spirit Awards proved Friday evening. Since its inception in 1984, the Spirit Awards have been dedicated to showcasing and honoring films made outside the studio system. Championing […]

New album lacks typical energy and cohesiveness

For those unfamiliar with Owen Pallett, he is the person behind the artist pseudonym Final Fantasy. Before his third full-length album Heartland was released, Pallett was forced by a lawsuit courtesy of what should be a rather obvious entity to drop the Final Fantasy name. Under that moniker, Pallett released two solid albums and proved […]

Good cops, bad cops similarly glorified

There are few characters in film that are more glorified than police officers. Whether honest or corrupt, to be a cop on screen is to add flair and poignancy to a job that, while noble in actuality, is hardly ever glorified in the same manner. Throughout film history, cops have been romanticized, cast as saviors […]

Burton presents new vision of old territory

For seasoned filmmaker Tim Burton, negotiating the fine line between his role as a sweetheart of Hot Topic patrons and a director exploring the boundaries of commercial viability is a full-time job. Alice in Wonderland’s wide release opening today marks the director’s most recent effort to darken the silver screen. In the film, Burton tells […]

Rapper is a Canadian alternative hip-hop gem

Kevin Brereton, also known by his stage name k-os, is a Canadian alternative hip-hop artist that has yet to cultivate a substantial following in the United States. This might be expected if k-os was an average artist of average talent or if he was simply a carbon copy of the current stars of alternative hip-hop. […]

Getting to know L.A. the online way

Last August, I was packing my bags in preparation to start at USC when I realized that I really did not know Los Angeles. I had been visiting family in Southern California for years, but I really didn’t know what it was like to live in the city. I was coming from the suburbs of […]

Weekend Picks

thursday, march 4 An Evening with Paula Deen and Family 8 p.m. > Pantages Theater > $35+ Food Network’s Paula Deen takes her traditional Southern cooking TV show onstage and on the road. Come witness Deen’s folksy charm along with her showcase of food in person. Don’t miss it, y’all. Architecture in Two Dimensions 7 […]