Festival celebrates true ‘indie’ films

In the summer of 2007, Brad Bores, Rich Hooban and two other idealistic filmmaker friends piled into a 1988 Caprice Classic with an Eclair 16mm camera and drove from Ohio to New Mexico filming Soda Can Love. For two weeks, the crew took turns acting (as versions of themselves), filming (on re-canned stock) and watching […]

Fictional stories provide familiarity, solace in one’s life

I remember, when I was a little kid, I lived for stories: the bedtime stories with heroes, damsels, whimsical glamour and endless magic. My mom used to reprimand me for staying up late with her large book in my lap, reading and dreaming. That book was so large I could have sat in it, and […]

Instead of new tricks, ‘Dogs’ plays dead

In comedy, the rule of three proposes that things become funnier if they occur three times. After two successive gags involving golf balls to the groin, one can only wonder if a third would have made any difference. Old Dogs, which opened Nov. 25, fails to learn any new tricks. The film centers upon Dan […]

‘Modern Warfare 2’ builds on strengths of original

As Voltaire once wrote: “It is a lamentable shame that to be a good patriot, one must become an enemy of the rest of mankind.” War is brutal. War is without boundaries. War is intense. Those are the ideas that Infinity Ward took to heart when it set about creating the sequel to its widely […]