Baumbach brings out the worst in his actors

Why don’t you sit on my d-ck,” is all Roger Greenberg has to say to his best friend Ivan after several waiters surround their table and present Greenberg with a piece of cake and sing happy birthday to him in writer-director Noah Baumbach’s most recent film, Greenberg. The character Greenberg (Ben Stiller) is just the […]

Film explores emotion across spectrum

It’s difficult to say whether grief or love is the greatest emotion one can experience. Both are overwhelming, full-body sensations that tend to linger long after the damage is done. So it’s no surprise, then, how one can replace the other over time. In The Greatest, a character-driven family drama that premiered at the 2009 […]

Lost in woods with company

Real-life friends Ben Trustman and Emily Goglia star as the Baker and the Baker’s Wife in the new production of Into the Woods.

It’s just science

Following FBI scientists as they investigate strange occurances, Fringe premieres season three and fills some gaps between unanswered questions from last season.

Weekend Picks

thursday, april 1 Soweto Gospel Choir 8 p.m. > Carpenter Performing Arts Center > $40 The double Grammy-winning ensemble harmonizes its native South African languages between the members’ 26 voices. The group will be performing songs from its new CD, Grace, and have been known to perform hits from The Lion King. “Comedy Is Dead” […]

First foray into filmmaking needs work

Don McKay is writer/director Jake Goldberger’s feature film debut. The independent film premiered almost a year ago at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival and is finally getting a wider release in Los Angeles, New York and Boston this week. Starring Thomas Haden Church (Sideways), Elizabeth Shue (Leaving Lost Vegas) and Melissa Leo (Frozen Rivers), the […]

Online postings can botch potential jobs

Everyone has heard the warning: Don’t put images or statements online that you wouldn’t want potential employers to see. Now more than ever, companies are checking the public online profiles of prospective new hires. So if you upload that incriminating photo from your friend’s 21st birthday party or Tweet a nasty comment about a former […]

Your online closet

Started last year by USC alumna Emily McDonald, The Stylist LA offers glamourous looks at a fraction of the cost.

Science behind organic is underripe

You’ve probably seen them at Ralphs: those cool cats who slink up to the register and don’t bat an eye when their bill costs three times as much as it should. And when they slide past, they give you a superior smirk — you and your bag of conventional oranges. Like Scottish accents, everything’s sexier […]

New Nicholas Sparks adaptation is almost touching

Nicholas Sparks’ novels are formulaic, simple and cheesy, but girls love them. Adaptations of Sparks’ novels have the potential to be transformed for the screen into an epic love story, like The Notebook, but they can just as easily fizzle out into Razzy-worthy trainwrecks. The movie version of The Last Song was a giant “almost” […]