Colorful remake pales in comparison

Welcome to the newest installation of computer-generated animation. Recall the 1980s when American kids would gather around the television to watch Astro Boy, a popular crossover series from Japan that featured a little robot boy with a heart of gold and the ability to kick some poetic justice. Decades later, Astro Boy is back with […]

Suspense film leaves viewers unsatisfied

Word on the street is that after seeing Paranormal Activity, Steven Spielberg returned to the studio with the DVD in a trash bag. He claimed the door to his bedroom locked by itself after he watched the film. Was it the ghost of Orson Welles, still upset over Spielberg’s adaptation of War of the Worlds? […]

Specter of crimes past continues to haunt LA communities

On a sleepy August morning, a man sorting through a Buena Park Dumpster found a suitcase stuffed with the mangled remains of a female body. Authorities identified her as Jasmine Fiore, a swimsuit model. They believed that the man she was last seen with — Ryan Jenkins, a contestant and finalist on VH1 reality show […]

During childhood, ignorance is bliss

What is it about a child that makes truth a fluid, flexible thing? When I was a kid, I was lied to. A lot. I was gullible, impressionable and, in all honesty, my mind was like Play-Doh — easily molded by whoever got their hands on it. Was I weak in character? Was I an […]

Cirque du Soleil delivers a ‘spectacular, spectacular’

Whispers of excitement, sharp intakes of breath and utterances of sheer disbelief all emanate from a mesmerized crowd, collectively transported — if only for a moment — to a land not quite human, where anything is possible. That’s the circus for you. Specifically, that’s Kooza, a new touring Cirque du Soleil masterpiece now running at […]