Nearly everything ‘Comes Together’ in Beatles game

Beatlemania is sweeping the nation once again. No, John Lennon and George Harrison have not come back as musically-gifted zombies to reunite the band. Instead, nostalgic Beatles fans are graced with the next best thing: The Beatles: Rock Band. The Rock Band series of video games have been an entertaining way for friends to get […]

Brit band parts on a solid note

In 2002, four North London blokes banded together to form The Rakes — a snappy, in-your-face rock band known for its politically conscious tunes and moody melodies. Spitting humor and lyric-heavy songs across two successful records, the band released its newest album Klang on Oct. 20. Over seven wild years, the young quartet made of […]

Von Trier’s arrogance pays off in Antichrist

As Saw VI festers in theaters, American horror and the torture-porn subgenre have become inextricably connected. And just about nobody sees this as a step in the right direction. The main flaw usually assigned to these particular horror films is the nihilistic quality of the violence. After all, without characters identifiable on a psychological level, […]

Depression-era book captures LA’s essence

Eighty years ago today, thousands lost their wealth in a series of unfortunate economic events. As stock values plummeted, so did the Los Angeles pride that had been built up through the growth of California industry. The infamous Black Tuesday launched a nationwide economic depression that caused staunch politicians in decades following to initiate programs […]

The second coming of the horror genre

In Antichrist, a self-disemboweling fox utters the phrase, “Chaos reigns.” Director Lars von Trier makes sure it really does, by illustrating every brutal detail necessary on screen and demonstrating just how horrifying chaos can be. The movie stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as He and She, a couple whose young son falls to his […]