A professional link to social networking

You know the story: You interview for the job of your dreams and walk out confident. Your interviewer Googles you, Facebooks you and generally stalks you on every website possible, and, in doing so, comes up with a few good reasons — namely, your history of naked keg stands — why you are not a […]

‘Richard’ rests on character’s deformities

In truth, Shakespeare’s Richard III needs us far more than we need it. It is a play purely for the stage, not the classroom. Without an audience with which its titular villain can manufacture an all-important connection, the play is nothing but a poetic mess of political and literal backstabbing, a crude and unsubtle pageant […]

‘Stan Helsing’ a helpless victim of its own absurdity

The film Stan Helsing, written and directed by Bo Zenga, prominently displays the words “A Parody” in the opening credits, which leads one to believe that the movie will, in fact, be an acceptably humorous spoof. It’s supposed to poke fun at the horror genre, which has been done repeatedly (Scary Movie 1, 2, 3, […]

Climbing up the corporate ladder

Part of working in an office is respecting, or at the very least recognizing, the hierarchy of the workplace. Especially as a young person trying to climb the corporate ladder, you must check your ego at the door and accept your role and your responsibilities, no matter how ignoble they may be. In some professions, […]

Muay Thai action outshines minimal plot

Ong Bak 2: The Beginning proves that ridiculously awesome and awesomely ridiculous are not interchangeable. Although grand orchestrator Tony Jaa does a striking job with art design and skull-crushing action, the story and one-dimensional characters leave the film soundly in the latter category. It bites to be an overthrown prince. It burns to be captured […]

Morgan’s style proves Hollywood standout

James Bond and archenemy Ernst Blofeld meet for a tense discussion of global espionage. Their guns are holstered, but their hands are ready to draw. At the emotional high point of the confrontation, we cut jarringly to M giving his reaction to the whole affair. This Bond versus Blofeld scene might sound like a parody […]

Colorful remake pales in comparison

Welcome to the newest installation of computer-generated animation. Recall the 1980s when American kids would gather around the television to watch Astro Boy, a popular crossover series from Japan that featured a little robot boy with a heart of gold and the ability to kick some poetic justice. Decades later, Astro Boy is back with […]