Drive-ins recreate film-watching magic

Los Angeles residents love their cars. From beaten-up Durangos to two-door Maseratis, Angelenos form a symbiotic relationship with what they drive, refusing to separate from their leather seats and dashboards cluttered with plastic figurines. Not long ago, Angelenos even watched movies from their cars. They didn’t do it in the way that some children now […]


Oliver Stone takes a whole new perspective on capitalism with his upcoming sequel to the Academy Award-winning film, Wall Street.

Next generation lacks literary imagination

When I was a kid, every story I read was as big as the world. People often reminisce over their backyards that spanned continents and decades — and yes, I was definitely that kid on the block who loved to play pretend. But more than anything, I remember the stories I loved — their pages […]

Networking becomes everyday routine

A few months ago, a friend of mine decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. When I, a social media aficionado, asked him how he was enjoying the network, he merely shrugged. “I guess it’s kind of nice having another thing to check,” he said. I endlessly pondered his nonchalant response. How, I thought, could […]