Microwave cooking not just for freshmen

Ah, freshman year — when makeshift kitchens consisted of a microwave, mini-fridge and a contraband blender. Hard times indeed but those who resigned to living off of Lean Cuisine and Top Ramen have only themselves to blame. Because when it’s not ruining your gold-rimmed plates or pulsating invisible radiation into the air, the humble microwave […]

Remake offers classic horror thrills for modern audiences

In 1941, Universal Pictures released the archetypal werewolf movie, The Wolf Man. Chilling and atmospheric, the film told the story of a man (Lon Chaney Jr.) who, upon returning to his father’s home in Wales, was bitten by a werewolf and inherited the now-infamous curse. In addition to providing moviegoers with 70 minutes of fright, […]

Colorful musical theater at its most interactive

Theater is immersion. So when some chump a few rows over is making moment-killing noises during a show — whether that’s pneumonic coughs or ill-timed whoops of praise — standard protocol is to give them the stink eye. I have never known an exception to this rule. I like my theaters kept relatively silent, especially […]

Romances that capture the comedy and tragedy of love

The new film Valentine’s Day, which opens today, offers audiences “a day in the life of love,” but, as most could easily predict, the film will not be offering anything new. Most Hollywood films about romance tend toward the same dull conventions of narrative and form — as is the case with Valentine’s Day. This […]

‘Intimate Moments’ with Aziz Ansari

Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari performs his hilarious stand-up act at USC’s Bovard Auditorium on Monday night to promote his new CD and DVD, ‘Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening.’

Experimental efforts and pop sounds don’t fuse on band’s new album

Apparently, the sophomore slump does not affect all young upstart bands in today’s evolving music industry. Yeasayer, the talented trio from Brooklyn, has crafted a follow-up to its successful 2007 debut — All Hour Cymbals — that is impossibly fun and brilliantly executed. The band exudes all the irresistible charms that indie groups offer but […]

Weekend Picks

thursday, february 11 Downtown Art Walk Noon – 9 p.m. > Various Locations > FREE Everything is conveniently planned for you to enjoy Los Angeles’ Downtown Art Walk: the free artwalk DASH shuttle, a participating venue right here on Grand Avenue and free museum admission for three hours. There’s no legitimate reason not to appreciate […]

Shakespeare’s classic gets better with each line

Performing Shakespeare is notoriously difficult to pull off — even more difficult than listening to it. So when the USC School of Theatre’s Masters of Fine Arts in Acting Program class of 2010 learned that it would be staging Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre as one of a series of three student performances, it must […]