Innovative design for a cause

Love Fatigues and its founder, Seamus McGovern, strive to make an impact on not only the fashion industry, but also humanity.

Californians turn to missions for history

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We all know the grade-school rhyme that helps children everywhere remember just which Italian explorer planted a little European flag in the North American continent, bringing with him horses, coffee and smallpox. Americans even observe a holiday in his honor by closing down post offices on the second […]

Musical pleases with its genre-bending minimalism

This is not the stuff of musicals. Gruesome murder, racism in the South, unseemly politicking, media sensationalism, official corruption, Messianism, public morality — rarely are such weighty issues even considered as themes for musicals, a genre serious theatergoers regularly denigrate for its bubbly superficiality and lack of profundity. Musicals are to theater what romance novels […]

Friendship pitted against honesty in low-budget film

“Will you read my screenplay?” This question, sometimes edited slightly to involve reading a novel or viewing a piece of art, haunts friends of those in the creative industry. It is the ultimate test and requires an important decision: honesty or friendship? The new film The Blue Tooth Virgin — winner of the 2008 New […]

Rites of passage come in various disguises

Amid gold confetti, topless figureheads and raging techno, I experienced my first encounter with San Francisco’s LovEvolution last weekend. In an extravagant parade down Market Street, I saw pink elephants and cage dancers, penis balloons and some Amazonian wilderness. I even witnessed at least eight nude men, each posing for pictures with girls young enough […]

Crash Love offers emotional rock anthems

Hot Topic shoppers, rejoice: After a three year hiatus, AFI has returned to provide skinny jean and tight T-shirt-wearing, morbid jewelry adorned, pre-pubescent teens with some new tunes to accompany their shopping experience for the next few weeks. Crash Love, the goth emo rock band’s eighth studio album, has recently hit stores in both a […]