Grinch steals show, not holiday cheer, with humor

If Charles Dickens were writing today, he might have taken the easy way out and sent Scrooge to the Pantages Theatre for a heart-warming showing of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical, which opened Saturday. It wouldn’t be much of a story, but at least Scrooge would be cured of his misanthropy […]

Make nice with your office neighbors

Office buildings tend to be more like condominiums than your standard, single-family suburban homes in that the workspace is often divided into small parts and shared by many different families or in this case, businesses. Even well-established companies often lease plots of cubicle space to smaller companies, which often become their annoying neighbors. So, it […]

Generic rom-com ‘Hurts’ from title to characters

Considered an indie romantic comedy, director Barra Grant’s Love Hurts is painful viewing for audience members seeking a sappy indulgence. The only tears a movie watcher might shed are from laughter. The movie stars British actor Richard E. Grant as Ben Bingham, an ear, nose and throat doctor who is oblivious to how his beautiful, […]

McCarthy novels sap adrenaline from films

Ours is a violent generation, and Cormac McCarthy knows it. He knows it, and he knows how to exploit us for it. The final third of Joel and Ethan Coen’s adaptation of McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men was one of the most divisive acts of cinema committed this decade. After establishing a violent and […]