An open letter to Wild Thing: I think I love you

Dear Wild Thing, In commemoration of the movie release of Where the Wild Things Are this Friday, I am writing you a love letter. I’m not sure if you can read this — is it discriminatory of me to think that a Wild Thing lacks literacy? — but I wanted you to know that despite […]

‘Good Hair’ doesn’t address the root of the matter

Fifteen years ago, Chris Rock got the idea to create a documentary depicting the struggles various hair types pose, and the ramifications of “fashionable” hair styles within the black community. When his daughter asked him, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?” Rock jumped into action to solve the issue for her, but also […]

Try to make me go to rehab

Fellow students, you can relax. You are no longer responsible for the all-nighters you pulled during midterms. The blame for your procrastination can finally be placed on a greater force than yourself, when you are diagnosed with the hot new disorder you’re guaranteed to have: Internet Addiction Disorder, also known as IAD. Apparently, IAD is […]

Family finds healing in an unexpected way

When a child has a condition and modern medicine offers no relief, some parents turn to faith. Others turn to natural healing. When the Isaacsons discovered their autistic son had a connection with horses, they did both. The documentary The Horse Boy follows the Isaacsons through Mongolia to visit shaman healers. Although the film has […]