USC responds to administrative staff increase

University administration responded to a study showing a 305.8 percentage increase in administrative employees at USC, arguing that the data may not accurately reflect administrative staffing. The administration is currently looking into the data released by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting in a 2014 study. Todd Dickey, senior vice president of administration, commented […]

Nikias receives Academic Leadership Award, $500,000 dollar grant

President C. L. Max Nikias was one of four recipients of the Academic Leadership Award from the Carnegie Corporation of New York on Thursday for his vision and commitment to the University and excellence in administration. Founded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1911, the Carnegie Corporation of New York pursues issues that Carnegie believed had […]

USC releases campus climate survey, 29.7 female undergrads report sexual misconduct

Nearly 30 percent of female undergraduate students at USC have experienced some form of sexual assault or misconduct since attending the University, according to respondent results from a university campus climate survey released Monday. The survey, which was administered last spring, drew responses from just over 8,000 students, or 19.4 percent of those enrolled in […]