Untold history: How Rufus von KleinSmid supported the eugenics movement at USC

The Von KleinSmid Center for International Relations stands tall with its distinct globed tower high above campus. Under the structure’s grand arches, more than 100 international flags drape over its walkways, representing the home countries of international students at the University. The image of the building — emblematic of the University itself — is one […]

50 years later, these Trojans still have a place to call home

The USC campus is at its best. The shrubs are manicured, the unblemished cardinal and gold flowers line the planters of Alumni Park, and thousands of white folding chairs line the grass outside Doheny Memorial Library. It’s showtime. A sea of black gowns flood into the ceremony. Underneath the caps are mostly faces freshly into […]

Warrior-Scholar Project aims to help veterans make academic progress

The Warrior-Scholar Project returns for its third year at USC to provide a week-long academic training and guidance for veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Dubbed a “boot camp” by the Los Angeles Times, the program is intense, filled with rigorous lectures and discussions. When asked what sets the Warrior-Scholar Project apart from other […]

LGBT athletes find inclusive community

Coming out on a sports team has never been easy, but USC has proven to be a safe space for the LGBT community. These athletes now seek to jump past mere acceptance toward appreciation.