Suite 2004: Not your average roommates

Eight freshmen from different backgrounds were randomly assigned to a suite inside the International Residential College. Before they even knew it, they called their dorm “home.”

USC College Republicans say #NeverTrump, but #NeverEverHillary

#NeverTrump, but #NeverEverHillary. As a conservative Republican voter, I have always believed in the values of fiscal responsibility, cultural traditionalism and small government. Unfortunately for me and other like-minded voters, neither of the major presidential candidates this election cycle truly embodies any of these values. While it is abundantly clear that Hillary Clinton is an […]

We’re With Her: Daily Trojan endorses Hillary Clinton for President

If this election has taught our generation one thing, it is that young people are no longer just a demographic, but a political force. In the first presidential election to have as many millennial voters as baby boomer voters, we have already made history: bringing to the forefront of both parties’ platforms issues of college […]