Students show solidarity with Hong Kong

It’s another day of blue skies and sunshine here at USC. Students stroll to class as bikes whiz past in a blur. Cathie So, a first-year physics graduate student, makes her way down Trousdale Parkway amid the morning rush. As she scans the brick-paved roads of Troy, her newfound home of nearly half a semester, […]

Alumna Catherine Shieh advocates for political engagement

Nestled in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Monta Vista High School in Cupertino is notorious for being one of the most academically intense in the state. With Apple’s headquarters just a stone’s throw away and many of the residents employed in the technology industry, Monta Vista has an undeniable emphasis on math and science. […]

Q&A with Dan Schnur

Unruh Institute Director and former California Secretary of State candidate Dan Schnur granted the Daily Trojan an interview to talk about his recent campaign as a No Party Preference candidate — and what that means for the future of politics.  The following interview has been edited for space. Could you talk about why you ran […]

Students reflect on past activism

“It’s really hard for me to say I love USC or that I love being a Trojan because in reality, I don’t,” said Makiah Green, a graduate student in the master of professional writing program. “I don’t feel like my existence is valued.”  Green is just one of the many students at USC who feels […]

PSA shifts direction under new leadership

For the past several weeks, the Political Student Assembly has sponsored multiple events per week, but that might change as the assembly takes a “quality over quantity” approach to becoming an effective resource for politically focused student organizations under the leadership of a new executive director. Edwin Saucedo was voted in as PSA’s executive director […]

Students differ on the proper outlets for political activism

In an issue of the Daily Trojan from April 15, 1969, professor of education Nathaniel Hickerson wrote an article entitled “Students and the quasi-private University,” discussing the political role of college students during a particularly turbulent time in the nation’s history. In it, he highlighted the shift of universities from institutions solely churning out working […]

I’m Black and in a PHC sorority — So What?

“So, why did you join a white sorority?” Since becoming a member of Gamma Phi Beta, I’ve been asked this question numerous times by family, friends and even random people on campus. Without asking me about going to football games, raising money for charity or getting ready for a night out with my sisters, my […]

Asian greek council not limited to USC

For students intrigued by Asian-interest Greek life, USC is home to two Asian fraternities and three sororities that make up USC’s Asian Greek Council. All five participate in social and philanthropic events with each other and with Asian-interest and minority groups both on- and off-campus. These fraternities and sororities seek to offer an alternative Greek […]

Athletes: practice makes pledging

In recent years, college athletics and Greek life have slowly drifted apart. Two worlds that used to coexist smoothly have been separated by the advancing pressures of being a student-athlete — from yearlong practice schedules to ever-present social media. According to Bloomberg Sports, there has been a 19 percent drop in fraternity alumni in the […]