Faith found in greek communities

At first glance, the prominent party culture that clouds stereotypes of the Greek community at USC wouldn’t seem to align with many religious values. Students of various faiths, however, have found a religious home in the Greek system. For Lazarus Alberto, a junior majoring in business administration, his involvement in Alpha Gamma Omega, a Christ-centered […]

NPHC looks to expand, rebrand

Bree Humphery, a senior majoring in East Asian Languages and Culture, along with a group of a few other women challenged herself to live off of 20 dollars for the week. Throughout that week, she troubleshooted and thought of ways to extend and switch up bland yet inexpensive meals to achieve her goal — one […]

Professional frats plan for future

Though many Greek organizations emphasize brotherhood, sisterhood, service and scholarship, the pre-professional fraternities that make up the Professional Fraternity Council have a central focus on the professional development of their members. PFC governs the four pre-professional fraternities that exist under the council: Alpha Epsilon Delta, the pre-med fraternity; Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity; Phi […]

The ROW: More than stereotypes?

When the average person thinks of Greek life on a college campus, images of togas, beer pong tables and raging house parties often come to mind. These stigmas and stereotypes can be hard to break, but Greek leaders on campus strive to show that their work is more than just one big party. “You always […]

Latino Greek community: Small population, close ties

When Rocio Arellano began her freshman year at USC in spring 2013, she didn’t know anyone. Worse yet, she was a spring admit and it seemed everyone had made friends already. Arellano came to USC certain she didn’t want to join a Panhellenic sorority, but she always wanted an older sister. “I have [younger] sisters […]

IFC, PHC Greeks work toward acceptance

Though the Greek community is making efforts to bolster the feeling of acceptance toward homosexuality, many feel it still has a long way to go. “I would say that it’s not fine, but that it’s getting better,” said a gay member of the Greek community who wished to remain anonymous. “Luckily it’s changing in L.A., […]

A letter from the editors

Here at USC, when someone makes a reference to “Greek life,” it’s often assumed to be the community of houses that make up The Row. The Greek community, however, is much larger than the 34 chapters with houses on 28th Street. The Greek community is composed of over 60 different organizations: 12 multicultural, 4 pre-professional, […]

The Demographics of the University of Southern California

Fall 2013 Supplement The neighborhoods within Demographics by the numbers Middle Eastern students face differences Transfers often feel shortchanged Program gets WiSE about gender USC values legacies but avoids nepotism USG aims to increase diversity USC lauded for LGBT resources Foreign athletes face unique challenges Also in the series Latino students reflect on their complex […]

Foreign athletes face unique challenges

With college sports becoming a booming business in the United States, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the players who are often viewed as celebrities or “big men on campus” are, for the most part, no different from any other college student. Though most student-athletes are recognized primarily for their athletic endeavors, all of them […]