Service targets fans of the break-up Post-it

Preparing to cross at the Hoover Street and Jefferson Boulevard intersection is like preparing for battle. It would never do to simply wait for the white man to appear and jaunt casually to your destination. It is a journey. You strategize on the best crossing method: straight across, or diagonal? An arced trajectory in between? […]

Chavez speaks loudly and carries a big drum

Hugo Chavez is looking for attention again. The Venezuelan president is known for his frequent politically charged outbursts, which in the past have included calling George W. Bush “the devil” and touting socialism as the true path to economic success. Since President Barack Obama’s election, Chavez has taken a much warmer attitude toward the United […]

Seven habits of highly ineffective governors

With Gov. Schwarzenegger’s second term about to wrap up, several names have begun to surface as his possible replacement, with California Attorney General Jerry Brown and eBay CEO Meg Whitman currently leading the polls. The campaign has yet to hit its stride, but with the financial disarray that California has been stewing in, the race […]

Americans focused on the wrong hunger problem

Can you believe it’s been one year? A full 365 days! Fifty-two weeks! Two seasons of G’s to Gents! Yes, believe it or not, an entire year has passed since the great chocolate milk debacle of 2008. Last year in Barrington, Ill., the school district voted to eliminate all flavored milk products from the lunch […]

Journalism still has a place for narrative

If we believe the press, which impending obsolescence has converted into a bunch of nostalgic cultural critics bemoaning the way things are, then storytelling is in a bad way. The long-form narrative is out, the 140-character Tweet is in. Permit me to download — in small, snack-sized chunks — a few examples from recent columns. […]

Bill will ultimately benefit students

Now that the House has passed the Affordable Health Care for America Act, Americans are faced with the increasingly real possibility of health care reform. The Senate’s version of the bill will face extensive changes before it is ultimately made law. Nevertheless, based on the current plan it is possible to predict that, although health […]

Students make or break relations with community

Back in Arizona when I was senior in high school, my calculus teacher surveyed the class about what colleges they wanted to attend. About 40 percent raised their hands when he asked if anyone was interested in Arizona State University. He then handed each student with their hands up what he said was ASU’s application. […]

Students, protect yourselves against the pig

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he had the swine flu. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? As much as he could before he caught the swine flu. Where’s Waldo? I don’t know, but there’s probably a rash of swine flu cases there. Jokes aside, the […]

Students dabble in the fields of online agriculture

It’s been a long time since Facebook — like shower sandals, cheap beer and pretentious art posters — was associated exclusively with college students. I don’t think anyone begrudges this transition, though it is always alarming to see your mother comment on the sweater you wore to “LAS VEGAS TRIP(PY) Part Deux.” But whereas it […]

Parents of celebrities throw propriety aside

As we grow up, our relationships with our parents can be quite difficult to manage. The phone calls they insist we make everyday, the birthday wishes that so often slip our minds and the inconvenient trips back home all contribute to the constant activity and intense stress levels that college students already face. Sure, there […]