Education system should cultivate learning

A week ago, on April 14, students, teaching assistants and faculty gathered for a town hall meeting with the Center for Excellence in Teaching to discuss grade reformation and the establishment of a universal grading policy at USC. They reached no verdict on the best solution. American institutions of higher learning attempt to emulate those […]

Smart phone elitism is rather foolish

In American Psycho, ruthless Wall Street businessmen flash their version of ivory-crusted pistols: business cards. The small pieces of paper wielding their name and profession in different shades of off-white, with slight font variations, makes a difference in caliber — in quality. In today’s business world, the weapon that distinguishes individuals from one another is […]

Who am I? Let the identity crises begin

Your unique identity is the only thing that can never be taken away from you. Even if it turns out you can’t find a job after college to pay off your tuition loans, even if you end up homeless on the streets around campus with all of your dreams dead and only a buck in […]

Revitalization should serve a worthy purpose

The last time I visited San Francisco, I remember driving under the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge, taking in the view at the bottom of “the crookedest street in the world” and getting salty whiffs at Fisherman’s Wharf — all requisite hotspots every tourist must visit in order to say they’ve been to the […]

Future Trojans are initiated flawlessly

When I was notified that I had been accepted to USC, I was greeted with a charming folder full of USC paraphernalia showcasing all the school had to offer. I immediately planned a visit, read through all the materials I had received and went online to research the university even more than I already had […]

Healthier relationship would benefit all

Last winter break, an executive manager of a large, highly respected hospital in South Dakota jokingly told me “you are more likely to be killed by misdiagnosis from your family doctor than by your anesthesiologist.” Aside from the specialists, most of the doctors at the University Park Health Center are in family practice, trained to […]

USC shines as a beacon of tolerance

By way of high school tradition, we are all too familiar with the juvenile concept of campus hierarchy. In 2010, the range of groups to pick on has expanded to another social minority. For homosexuals, the divisions have been drawn deeper at some schools in recent weeks, as members of the oppressed social group have […]

Animal testing one of many options

Although the idea of consuming animals for gustatory pleasure disgusts many of us, including non-vegetarians, most have grown up eating meat, conditioned to ignore the fact that between those two buns lies a sizzling chunk of cow corpse. Invasive biomedical animal research, however, is not something we witness or participate in daily, so it’s a […]

Internship seekers need to do homework

It’s April, which means students have internships on their minds. Around this time of the year, students are beginning to finalize summer plans to work at companies that will help them build professional skills. Because I’m looking for my first internship, I’ve spent a lot of time researching the different resources USC offers to make […]

Everyone can help curb sexual assault

According to the United States Center for Disease Control, between 20 and 25 percent of college women experience sexual assault, attempted rape or rape during their time in college. Rape is a very specific and escalated form of sexual assault that occurs in the United States about every two minutes according to a report by […]