Union churlishly rails on Metrolink cameras

As a general rule, when something is broken, it’s in the interest of at least one party to try to fix it. The task of remedying the situation is made even easier if the root of the problem is easily identifiable. These statements seem like no-brainers that merit no further argument. Unless, of course, you’re […]

Fox News doesn’t warrant witch hunt

Over the past week, White House representatives have really been taking pains to make sure we know all about the war. Not the war in Afghanistan, of course, or the situation in Iraq. Those can wait. No, I mean the other war the Obama administration is fighting: the war against Fox News. Because, obviously, that’s […]

Celebrity twits break down the fourth wall

With the defiant, loud and talkative interaction that our generation practices today — Facebook, iPhones and Blackberrys included — the social media site Twitter fits in just perfectly. Whether we use Twitter as a cheat sheet to filter through the day’s messy list of top stories (recurring topics like #ObamaNobelPeacePrize or #BalloonBoy will help you […]

British court values human rights over diplomacy

Last week, the British court ruled in favor of releasing US intelligence documents on Guantanamo Bay torture cases, sparking an international uproar. Of course, there are the real-world issues of whether or not releasing the documents could compromise the “special relationship” that Britain enjoys with the United States. More important in this case, however, is […]

Many on fence for health care reform

Growing up in largely Latino Southern Arizona directly exposed me to how a large portion of the population deals with their health care needs — they drive for 45 minutes down to south of the border to take advantage of less expensive health care and pharmaceuticals. Has American health care become so expensive that we […]

Letter to the UC student: Expect to pay more

Dear prospective applicant of the University of California class of 2014, What do you want to be when you grow up? A successful businessman? Lawyer? An engineer perhaps? All solid choices, no doubt. But before you answer, you should know that your decision will have a huge impact on your time at any of the […]

Law too difficult to follow for Shriver

When the California Senate passed a law banning cell phone use while driving, citizens all over the state agreed that this was a sensible and well-reasoned law — that no one would ever, ever follow. It’s like a law that forbids people from making bad eating choices. It’s good for us! It’s better for the […]

Letterman deserves more than wrist slap

Once you’re a member of the Hollywood club (or the Washington club, for all intents and purposes), you automatically become a target for public scrutiny. In other words, people can rip apart your wardrobe, demand you go on a diet or place you in an imaginary couple without any of your say. If you’re walking […]

Demise of small banks an undervalued threat

It wasn’t so long ago that Washington bailed out the largest banks in the United States, prompting a wave of criticism from many quarters. But today, the banking system is seeing the effects of non-intervention, which has allowed for the collapse of 100 small American banks in 2009 alone. With these developments, the small bank […]

28th Street closure could cause headaches

To close or not to close? That is the question — or is it? Recently, Greek senators in the Undergraduate Student Government decided to re-examine a past proposal that would effectively close off 28th Street to automobile traffic, with the exception of Department of Public Safety vehicles and emergency transportation. The pitch for a blockade […]