Professors justify the high USC pricetag

Famous rock stars that serve as professors — those are our tuition dollars at work. And for good reason. If you haven’t heard, rock musician Steve Miller has joined the USC faculty this semester to work with undergraduates in the popular music and music industry programs. When a university attracts acclaimed musicians such as Miller […]

Post-tolerance humor is no laughing matter

It began with separate but equal — our war against the politically correct. Those who were ignorant were blissful, and those who weren’t found whatever solace they could in their ceaseless pleas for change. Of course, their efforts were not in vain;  a few decades ago, it seemed like the majority of people had chosen […]

Campus involvement: Get it while it’s fresh.

Think back to the memories from freshman year. The good ones, the bad ones and the ones I can only laugh about now — everything was so new and exciting. New faces and friends, trepidation over the unfamiliar academic requirements. I also remember standing on the vast shore of extracurricular options at USC and wondering […]