Court of law doles out wrist slaps to celebs

It’s a strange place, that Hollyweird. Whatever name you prefer — Tinseltown, Lala Land, the Thirty-Mile-Zone — there’s no denying the uniqueness of this one California city. It is a place where fantasy fights reality and, more often than not, wins. The fantasy can vary, but make no mistake about it, only an elite inner […]

Naysayers overlook CARS’ value

Although cynics will point out that the $3-billion bill is just another example of the wasteful government spending, the reality is that CARS has generated tremendous profit.

Gullible fans hop on hoax video of MJ’s resurrection

Fact: Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm on June 25, 2009. Fact: The Los Angeles County coroner’s office has come out and declared that the cause of death is likely homicide, caused by a lethal cocktail of drugs administered by Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray. Fact: The deceased have a history of staying […]

Why, I do have a uterus. You’re welcome.

This column is not for all readers. If you’ve ever purchased tampons that were designed to look like pieces of candy to save yourself from embarrassment, you might consider turning the page. Similarly, if you insist on referring to your own menstruation or the menstruation of someone you know as “a visit from Aunt Flo,” […]

A gay old time at movement’s expense

With speeches here and interviews there, let’s face it: All that ever sticks with us are sound bites — short, 10-second remarks that get straight to the point. In politics, there are obviously quite a few notable ones: President Barack Obama’s “We are the change we’ve been waiting for;” Richard Nixon’s “I’m not a crook;” […]

Death of Shia leader leaves party in limbo

Thousands of mourners lined the streets Saturday morning to pay their respects to Shia leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, who died last week from lung cancer. Although he never chose to take an active political role within the central government, his role as leader of the major Shia group the United Iraqi Alliance, his influence and […]

Swine flu less dangerous than shoddy coverage

Back when I was 10 years old, I took a nasty spill on my bike and felt a searing pain in my arm. Now I’m not a doctor, but I correctly diagnosed myself with a broken bone; I was right back then, so I figure I’m on about the level of a licensed physician by […]

LAPD plays unfair in game of tag

One time in the fourth grade, a couple of my friends decided it would be funny to pour water all over a bus seat before the return leg of a three-hour class field trip. If everything went according to plan, an unsuspecting victim would sit down in said seat and react to the unfortunate discovery […]

After three years, space politicization continues

Rare is a thing so unknowable as to provide infinite wonder. In a simpler age, the night sky might have been such a thing. It sure isn’t now. Last Monday marked the three-year anniversary of one of the saddest days in recent memory: Pluto’s demotion to dwarf-planet status. Years of watching Ms. Frizzle and her […]

Kenyan census is not a cure-all

The term “ethnic violence” is used so often in relation to African tribal disputes that it is easy to forget to ask exactly what that term means. For Rwandans, it meant that relations between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes became so bad that genocide followed. The same can be said today for tribes in the […]