OPINION: USC Village must fulfill its obligations to the outside community

Saturday marked USC Village’s grand opening to the public, and in addition to the new businesses, customers and students that the 15-acre retail and residential complex has drawn, it has also sparked heated debate. Last week, The New York Times praised USC for reenergizing a “neglected” community and creating thousands of jobs in an area […]

EDITORIAL BOARD: USC needs undocumented student resource center

On Tuesday, the Hechinger Report published a report looking at what actions different U.S. colleges are taking to support undocumented students. Some of these actions included establishing emergency legal funds, and, of course, declaring themselves sanctuary campuses. In the weeks following the election of President Donald Trump, who ran his presidential campaign relying on the […]

EDITORIAL BOARD: As tuition rises, so does student concern

On Wednesday, USC announced that tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year will rise by roughly 3.93 percent of the current total. In its press release, the University marked the tuition increase as a five-year low, while highlighting increases in the financial aid offered. “USC’s average net tuition is ranked 134th out of all private, nonprofit […]

EDITORIAL BOARD: Campus free speech must be responsible

On what was otherwise a normal Wednesday afternoon, students noticed something out of the ordinary sold by a campus vendor on Trousdale Parkway. According to reports from the Daily Trojan, the booth sold T-shirts and albums with the swastika symbol. The booth set off debates between nearby students. Many found the presence of the products […]

EDITORIAL BOARD: Amid USG elections, the Daily Trojan remains committed to responsible reporting

Thursday marks the final day of voting for Undergraduate Student Government candidates. Looking back on the election cycle as students cast their last ballots, the campaign process has been filled with intense vitriol, especially in the face of accusations made by the tickets against one another. At the beginning of the semester, for our first editorial […]