As USC blooms, so too does the Daily Trojan

I came to the startling realization earlier this week that my days as a student at this University are numbered. After I put on my graduation robe and walk across the stage to collect my diploma, I fear I will lose the security of the Trojan Family camaraderie, the feeling that we’re in this together. It’s […]

We’re With Her: Daily Trojan endorses Hillary Clinton for President

If this election has taught our generation one thing, it is that young people are no longer just a demographic, but a political force. In the first presidential election to have as many millennial voters as baby boomer voters, we have already made history: bringing to the forefront of both parties’ platforms issues of college […]

College athlete compensation shouldn’t be for just a select few

The call for the NCAA to compensate its student-athletes is nothing new. Former athletes have waged lawsuit after lawsuit and critics have questioned how the NCAA has maintained its nonprofit status and defense of calling student-athletes “amateurs” while generating nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. Last Wednesday, we covered former USC football player Lamar Dawson’s […]

Student press deserves to cover the good and the bad

At the Daily Trojan, we pride ourselves on our commitment to constant, unbiased coverage of the University of Southern California. Serving as an independent publication since 1912, it is a privilege and an honor to report on the many facets of the University without being pressured into censorship or dismissal by campus organizations or administration. […]

Osa Masina should be indefinitely suspended

Former Stanford swimmer and convicted rapist Brock Turner is set to be released from prison Friday after a brief three-month stint behind bars for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman. The case, which jump-started a media firestorm calling for harsher sentences for convicted sexual predators, began an important discussion of  the double standard university […]

University continues dramatic rise

To my fellow Trojans, new and old alike, I say welcome. Welcome to perhaps the most exciting year yet at both the University of Southern California and the Daily Trojan. Entering its 136th year, the University is on the brink of great change. Our school now sits just roughly half a billion shy of its […]

Include sexual assault in college rankings

The pressure is on. On Sunday, high school seniors across the nation will be deciding where they’ll be spending the next four years of their lives. They’ve toured campuses, pored over brochures and, most likely, frequented college rankings websites. While college rankings, such as those provided by U.S. News and World Report, are based on […]

USC should establish homeless shelter

This week, the Daily Trojan published its supplement issue, “It Takes a Village: USC and the Community,” in which we explored more carefully the issue of gentrification in the local community, the cost of living near campus and the rise of the University Village. We recognized that, as students at USC, our experiences are shaped […]