Low USG voter turnout threatens student voice

With almost two-thirds of the vote of the USC student body, Edwin Saucedo and Austin Dunn were voted into office Tuesday to be Undergraduate Student Government’s next president and vice president. But according to Associate Director of Elections and Recruitment Logan Dallas, only 3,700 students even voiced their opinion by voting — a nearly 40 […]

Endorsement: Edwin-Austin represent best USG ticket

Undergraduate Student Government orchestrated some of the most transformative and public initiatives in USC’s history over the past year. The University was at the epicenter of a highly visible discussion about diversity and inclusion, propelling the passage of the campus climate resolution. Sustainability 2020 provided the University’s first comprehensive proposal to tackle waste on campus […]

Endorsements ensure fair USG elections

With another Undergraduate Student Government election season underway, students will once again have the opportunity to elect the next generation of student leaders — leaders who will be tasked with serving the student body through their platforms, initiatives and resolutions. But this year’s USG elections will feature important voices that have been absent from previous […]

USC: A study in contrasts

As a senior unwillingly graduating this May, I inevitably find myself reflecting on the past three and a half years. I am amazed by how much has changed during that time and by how much has not. Since I arrived at USC in 2012, the acceptance rate for freshmen has fallen nearly 10 percent, new […]

Disaster preparedness needs attention

In the wake of the shooting at Umpqua Community College, media coverage has sensationalized the deaths of nine students and a professor into a defamation of the mentally ill, unfairly portraying an entire group of people to avoid the intersecting issues of gun control, political dysfunction and racism. It is time for policymakers, health professionals […]

University on a conquest for excellence

Trojans may have just had 14 weeks off from school, but in that time USC has hardly been sitting idle. While students were taking the opportunity to work, intern or just catch up on some sleep, the University has opened a new school, reached more than $4.5 billion in its $6 billion fundraising campaign, continued […]