Disaster preparedness needs attention

In the wake of the shooting at Umpqua Community College, media coverage has sensationalized the deaths of nine students and a professor into a defamation of the mentally ill, unfairly portraying an entire group of people to avoid the intersecting issues of gun control, political dysfunction and racism. It is time for policymakers, health professionals […]

University on a conquest for excellence

Trojans may have just had 14 weeks off from school, but in that time USC has hardly been sitting idle. While students were taking the opportunity to work, intern or just catch up on some sleep, the University has opened a new school, reached more than $4.5 billion in its $6 billion fundraising campaign, continued […]

FROM THE EDITOR: Daily Trojan looking to adapt to times

Allow me to state the obvious: The media landscape is rapidly evolving. Though, for journalists, this evolution feels like the breaking news story that won’t quit. The Daily Trojan does not typically report on the state of the media — print or otherwise — because it’s simply not why we’re here. To discuss the challenges […]

USC continues commitment to refinement

USC is a university in a constant state of progress.This sentiment is perhaps best reflected in the various improvements to the University both physically — the building of the new Wallis Annenberg Hall, The Village construction — and academically with USC’s sustained rise to prominence as an elite international research university. This progress has occurred […]

USC primed to develop its own identity

USC starts the year in a state of flux. The university has changed its personality over the years. With each decade, and each new leader, USC’s image has changed. Ask three different people to tell you about USC, and they’ll describe three different schools. Depending on who you ask, USC is a school under investigation […]