Fight stereotypes, let feds fight terrorism

Two recent high-profile terror cases have made the chilling reality that terrorism is still a threat all too clear. The first was an al-Qaida suicide bombing attempt on a Saudi prince. The assailant was able to get close enough to actually blow himself up in the same room as the Saudi leader. His method? Hiding […]

Banks stay afloat by unfairly gouging customers

Intelligent isn’t a word I like to throw out all that often. It infers that a person is rational and consistently makes smart decisions. Idiot, on the other hand, I use daily. Whether it’s me or someone else, it doesn’t take much to fit that bill. So back in high school when my friend Carlton […]

Letter to the Editor

Safety priorities In his Sept. 18 opinion piece, “Uptick in Campus Safety Unnoticed,” Robert Fragoza was ignorant in his opinion of the vast majority of the student population, to say the least. While I admit that I am fervently trying to forget about the $250 fine which I received after biking across an intersection near […]

Disney hits a snag after chairman resigns

Mickey surely lost one of his friends last Friday in the rotund Dick Cook. Much to Hollywood’s complete surprise, Cook, a proud USC alumnus, resigned as chairman of Walt Disney Studios.

Stalking: another peril of being a teacher

If undivided audience attention is what you want at work, then there are many careers to pursue, including stripping. But becoming a professor is not one of them. Any student that has ever sat in the back row of a big lecture class, or is sitting in one right now, knows that even the most […]