Human nature to blame for scandals

A war has been waged on monogamy. Polyamorists, people who engage in consensual romantic love with multiple partners, are going around suggesting that the “soul mate” is no more real than Santa Claus. The increasingly publicized, nontraditional lifestyle is finally “creeping out of the closet, making gay marriage feel somewhat last decade,” according to a […]

China must take the next step in talks

A cloud of debate hangs high in the Tibetan Plateau of the Himalayas. On one side, the Tibetans and their supporters have, for the past 50 years, fought for independence and genuine autonomy. Sympathy lies with the exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama. Further, countless human rights violations against the Tibetans are claimed to have […]

Ready for the big one? Neither am I.

Last week I survived a five-day natural disaster ­— a Southern California natural disaster. Rain. But not just any rain — this was a storm so mighty, it poured for more than two consecutive hours. I can’t remember that last time that happened in Los Angeles. The madness is now over, but it got me […]

Letter to the editor

A response to Dr. Jackson The purpose of this open letter is to seek clarification on your letter of Dec. 3, 2009, which defended the Muslim Student Union at USC. As an old Trojan, class of ’78, with an abiding love for my alma mater, I am concerned about the strong tone of censorship in […]

Uncle Sam’s first name is Bernie

The Congressional Budget Office approximates the United States budget deficit of 2009 at $1.414 trillion dollars. Projected deficits for the coming year, assuming the same laws of 2009 (not including new spending initiatives like health care), predict decreasing yet similar deficits. In the past, the U.S. government only ran deficits to finance wars, and did […]