Feeling out different handshake styles

At some point in college, handshaking becomes an almost essential part of making someone’s acquaintance. It starts to feel positively inadequate to just smile and say hello. The recent frequency and variability of my handshaking encounters has led me to wonder: Why do people shake hands in the first place? Why do some people shake […]

Even political correctness has its limits

As students and members of the USC community, we are acutely aware of the dangers around campus. Fortunately, the Department of Public Safety does an excellent job of keeping community members protected and informed of incidents by publicizing crime alerts and demonstrating a commitment to providing students with crucial information about our safety. In a […]

Student interests fall into the Master Plan

Last weekend, my best friend came to town, and I wanted to show her around the USC area. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to check out L.A. Live and take advantage of the free weekend shuttle from The Lab. After doing some research, I realized it actually was not an ideal activity because […]

Letter to the editor

A wasted opportunity On Feb. 10, I hurried into a Spectrum event, “Lessons from the Holy Wars: A Pakistani-American Odyssey with Rob Asghar,” afraid to miss the first few minutes. A book promoted at the venue carried the same name. I expected to gain insight into the situation of “Af-Pak,” as they now call it […]