Senior gift should take a cue from Sample

Senior gift voting is upon the class of 2010. The students on the senior gift advisory board who brainstorm ideas for the senior gift have envisioned four ideas: a tribute to retiring USC President Steven B. Sample, a solar thermal energy system for the Lyon Center pool, a Class of 2010 Internship Award or a […]

Textual encounters not without consequence

In recent months, we’ve witnessed how a new form of communication — “sexting” — can lead to a lot of trouble. Just ask Tiger Woods, whose sexually charged cell phone chat with a mistress led to a sketchy police report, handfuls of dropped endorsements and months of tabloid turmoil. Ouch. A trend that’s spreading faster […]

Unique majors beneficial

Unconventional study paths offer diverse skill sets and more fulfilling learning experiences.

Pure research deserves a place in the sun, too

Most of us have had the experience of driving around on a hot day searching for a shady parking spot. But imagine a scenario where, instead of avoiding the blistering sun, you welcome it, knowing your car — even its air conditioning — is solar-powered. Solar energy has the potential to revolutionize our lifestyles.  Now […]

Education proposal is not out of this world

Earlier this month, Utah Sen. Chris Buttars put many up in arms by proposing to nix the senior year of high school for Utah teens in an effort to minimize the state’s massive $700 million deficit. Understandably, educators argued that doing so would deprive students of a formative year before college or the working world. […]