Students have potential to add substance

As college students, we have a tendency to get bored. Really bored. But you can’t blame us — our society today suffers from a hyperactive attention span, which has become problematic to say the least. Just take a look at the present state of popular culture. Audiences fixate on the latest thing in entertainment one […]

Letter to the editor

Presence of guns creates a safer society John Gudenzi’s opinion article published April 23, titled “Presence of guns would trigger anxiety,” is laden with misrepresentations. The most heinous of them is the misrepresentation of the ruling by the Colorado Court of Appeals, which decided to revoke the earlier ruling — not on the basis of […]

Contentment should not be relative to others

The next time an eyelash falls out of your eye, or the next time a ladybug lands on your arm, don’t wish for a happy future. Many of us, especially graduating seniors, have this seemingly innocent hope on our minds with the approaching summer. But when it comes to happiness, Buddhists seem to have had […]

Environmental angle is always present

Last week’s volcanic eruption in Iceland has brought a large part of the world to a standstill, instigating a storm of disgruntled travelers, accusations against E.U. leaders and millions of dollars in lost revenue for airlines. With eight days of closed airspace and over 95,000 canceled flights as of Tuesday, there is good reason for […]