Implementation, not awareness, is the issue

The USC south area Residential Education staff, which covers Pardee Tower, Trojan Hall, Marks Hall and Marks Tower residence halls, is currently hosting Alcohol Awareness Week, a week full of activities that will educate students about alcohol safety. On Sunday, the residential staff kicked off the week with a barbecue social. Students discussed alcohol- and […]

Education system should cultivate learning

A week ago, on April 14, students, teaching assistants and faculty gathered for a town hall meeting with the Center for Excellence in Teaching to discuss grade reformation and the establishment of a universal grading policy at USC. They reached no verdict on the best solution. American institutions of higher learning attempt to emulate those […]

Smart phone elitism is rather foolish

In American Psycho, ruthless Wall Street businessmen flash their version of ivory-crusted pistols: business cards. The small pieces of paper wielding their name and profession in different shades of off-white, with slight font variations, makes a difference in caliber — in quality. In today’s business world, the weapon that distinguishes individuals from one another is […]

Who am I? Let the identity crises begin

Your unique identity is the only thing that can never be taken away from you. Even if it turns out you can’t find a job after college to pay off your tuition loans, even if you end up homeless on the streets around campus with all of your dreams dead and only a buck in […]

Revitalization should serve a worthy purpose

The last time I visited San Francisco, I remember driving under the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge, taking in the view at the bottom of “the crookedest street in the world” and getting salty whiffs at Fisherman’s Wharf — all requisite hotspots every tourist must visit in order to say they’ve been to the […]