Future Trojans are initiated flawlessly

When I was notified that I had been accepted to USC, I was greeted with a charming folder full of USC paraphernalia showcasing all the school had to offer. I immediately planned a visit, read through all the materials I had received and went online to research the university even more than I already had […]

Healthier relationship would benefit all

Last winter break, an executive manager of a large, highly respected hospital in South Dakota jokingly told me “you are more likely to be killed by misdiagnosis from your family doctor than by your anesthesiologist.” Aside from the specialists, most of the doctors at the University Park Health Center are in family practice, trained to […]

Letter to the editor

Are Asian Americans a minority? USC has come a long way in diversifying the student body. According to Amanda Pillon’s article on April 8, “Admissions more selective than ever,” the ethnic makeup of the class of 2014 has increased from the year prior to being 20 percent “minorities.” I bet you are asking why I […]

USC shines as a beacon of tolerance

By way of high school tradition, we are all too familiar with the juvenile concept of campus hierarchy. In 2010, the range of groups to pick on has expanded to another social minority. For homosexuals, the divisions have been drawn deeper at some schools in recent weeks, as members of the oppressed social group have […]

Animal testing one of many options

Although the idea of consuming animals for gustatory pleasure disgusts many of us, including non-vegetarians, most have grown up eating meat, conditioned to ignore the fact that between those two buns lies a sizzling chunk of cow corpse. Invasive biomedical animal research, however, is not something we witness or participate in daily, so it’s a […]

Budget problems create conflict

Imagine Los Angeles’ public services closed for two days a week — no courts, no libraries, nothing except public safety services and independent businesses. This radical idea to close the city two days a week sounds like a hoax; something that might have originated from a late-night comedy sketch. Sadly, the only punchline is that […]