Animal testing one of many options

Although the idea of consuming animals for gustatory pleasure disgusts many of us, including non-vegetarians, most have grown up eating meat, conditioned to ignore the fact that between those two buns lies a sizzling chunk of cow corpse. Invasive biomedical animal research, however, is not something we witness or participate in daily, so it’s a […]

Budget problems create conflict

Imagine Los Angeles’ public services closed for two days a week — no courts, no libraries, nothing except public safety services and independent businesses. This radical idea to close the city two days a week sounds like a hoax; something that might have originated from a late-night comedy sketch. Sadly, the only punchline is that […]

Internship seekers need to do homework

It’s April, which means students have internships on their minds. Around this time of the year, students are beginning to finalize summer plans to work at companies that will help them build professional skills. Because I’m looking for my first internship, I’ve spent a lot of time researching the different resources USC offers to make […]

Letters to the editor

What does ‘radical’ really mean? I was amused to read that the USC College Republicans’ “teach-in” was entitled “…to Oppose Obama’s Radical Transformation of America.” It seems like USC’s Republicans have a very different idea of “radical” from most of us. President Barack Obama’s health insurance reforms were partially inspired by the policy advocates who […]

Everyone can help curb sexual assault

According to the United States Center for Disease Control, between 20 and 25 percent of college women experience sexual assault, attempted rape or rape during their time in college. Rape is a very specific and escalated form of sexual assault that occurs in the United States about every two minutes according to a report by […]