If the president could respond with candor

Last week at a town hall meeting in Louisiana, fourth-grader Tyren Scott asked President Barack Obama, “Why do people hate you?” Obama smiled. There was no chink in his armor. It was a loaded question, yet Obama answered in stride. He told Tyren that he still had a lot of supporters and that people must […]

Union churlishly rails on Metrolink cameras

As a general rule, when something is broken, it’s in the interest of at least one party to try to fix it. The task of remedying the situation is made even easier if the root of the problem is easily identifiable. These statements seem like no-brainers that merit no further argument. Unless, of course, you’re […]

Naysayers miss potential for AIDS vaccine

Last Sunday’s AIDS Walk served as an enlightening, and perhaps haunting, reminder to many about the prevalent pandemic. Despite the ample attention, money and effort being poured into generating awareness about HIV, it continues to be a destructive presence: 7,500 new people are infected with HIV every day, and AIDS remains the fourth leading cause […]

Fox News doesn’t warrant witch hunt

Over the past week, White House representatives have really been taking pains to make sure we know all about the war. Not the war in Afghanistan, of course, or the situation in Iraq. Those can wait. No, I mean the other war the Obama administration is fighting: the war against Fox News. Because, obviously, that’s […]

Celebrity twits break down the fourth wall

With the defiant, loud and talkative interaction that our generation practices today — Facebook, iPhones and Blackberrys included — the social media site Twitter fits in just perfectly. Whether we use Twitter as a cheat sheet to filter through the day’s messy list of top stories (recurring topics like #ObamaNobelPeacePrize or #BalloonBoy will help you […]

Letter to the Editor

Parliamentary pressure In Rosaleen O’Sullivan’s article titled “British court values human rights over diplomancy,” she writes that “this case is an exception to the [intelligence sharing secrecy] rule in that Britain’s reasons for releasing the information are domestic; it is not setting any true precedent for future intelligence policy.” Her argument is that since it […]