All bets are off in the social media world

Don’t talk to strangers. It’s a message instilled in us by our parents time and time again as the cardinal rule of safety. We listened carefully as children, mainly because this piece of advice was necessary for our everyday safety. However, for today’s college students and younger generations growing up in the age of technology, […]

Smile like your life depends on it

I’ve always been impressed with people who can smile with their eyes on command. When a photographer says, “Cheese,” their zygomatic major muscles lift the corners of their mouth, their orbicularis oculi muscles raise their cheeks and form crow’s feet around their eyes and they look so unbelievably happy. I don’t usually force a smile […]

Oscar trade-off needs student interest to pay off

This Sunday’s annual Academy Awards wants you to tune in. After suffering lagging ratings in the last three ceremonies, they’ve decided to nominate 10 films for the best picture category in an effort to let more popular movies slip in, unlike the more esoteric films of past Oscar seasons. This move, however, encourages a disturbing […]

Thai policy has widespread implications

On Wednesday evening, the Marshall School of Business’ Society and Business Lab, in conjunction with the School of Cinematic Arts and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking screened Kavi, a Oscar-nominated short film about a young modern-day slave laborer working in a brick kiln in India. Through its heartfelt depictions, the film sheds important […]

Charity should not depend on death tolls

Two major earthquakes have devastated Haiti and Chile in the last two months. Thousands have died and many more displaced with destruction overtaking the respective countries. One country was better equipped than the other for these natural disasters, but both quakes have left residents with a lack of resources necessary for survival — raising the […]