Mustain still waiting in the wings for his turn

Oh, the joy of living in Los Angeles. From the glitz and glamour to the A-list celebrities to the high-profile athletes, there is nothing better than Hollywood, right? The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers are good enough for this town, and so are the USC Trojans — you might as well call them […]

L.A. Coliseum has a history all its own

On a picturesque Memorial Day afternoon in Southern California, I ventured out into the streets of Los Angeles in search of the city’s most historic landmark. In a city often defined by glitz and glamour, I don’t think you could have blamed me for choosing the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Santa Monica Pier or […]

Out with the old, in with the new

Maybe it was just me, but during this past school year, classes sure seemed like a drag, especially with papers, tests and multiple projects piled up the size of the Eiffel Tower in my apartment’s not-nearly-big-enough kitchen. It really seemed like there was no end in sight. But there is always hope at the end […]

Saying goodbye isn’t always a challenge

As I’ve walked around the USC campus the past few days, I have seen nothing but tears, last minute photo ops and heartfelt goodbyes. I get that graduation represents some sense of finality — the light at the end of the tunnel for college students. But for those who fear that an exit from the […]

Change always present at USC

One of the most simultaneously frustrating yet promising aspects of USC is that it is a school perpetually under construction. Construction is underway at seemingly every turn of the campus. Given all the upheaval in the last four years, orange cones and yellow tape should be the official crest of the graduating class of 2010. […]

Spring ball gives look into season of change

A lot of things are coming to an end this week. Classes are done Friday. Spring football ends with the spring game at the Coliseum on Saturday, and the Daily Trojan’s last issue comes out Thursday. Given this is the last football practice this paper will cover until August, it seems appropriate to glaze over, […]

Success story in company of failure

Forget about how poorly the USC baseball team (17-22, 3-12) is playing. Forget about Pete Carroll not drafting Taylor Mays. And forget about the men’s volleyball team dropping its quarterfinals match to Cal State Northridge. There is something that every Trojan can rejoice about after a highly disappointing weekend of sports. The USC men’s tennis […]

Conflict between Mays and Carroll convoluted

A lot of things that happen in sports are unpredictable and unforeseeable. It comes with the territory, I guess. We are trained to believe anything’s possible in the world of sports — on or off the field. But every once in a while you get something so odd, so unprecedented, that you are a little […]

After the ‘Thrill’ is gone from the pages

When I first took this column two and a half years ago, I envisioned saying goodbye in a three-part series. The first would be a detailed look at the birth of the column. Part two would be a retelling of its life. Part three would be an in-depth look at its title, “Thrilla on Manilla […]

The way the 2010 NFL draft should be

Mock drafts are humorous attempts to satisfy our constant need to predict things. If you want to know how much value they hold, you should not overlook the presence of the word “mock.” Last year I ran a running diary for the first day of the NFL draft. Because I have the Thursday column this […]