A midseason recap for visiting parents

There are some people who enjoy Swiss cheese, and some who don’t. There are some people who track tornadoes, and some who don’t. There are some people who understand Russian, and some who don’t. Parents from all walks of life will descend on the USC campus this weekend. After all, the university expects this to […]

Trojans can’t let Rodgers brothers break out

Golden Tate was pretty good this past Saturday, but wait until you see what the other guys can do. The Notre Dame junior receiver took a USC defense that had barely bent all season — and was almost never broken — and, well, broke it a bit. He had eight catches for 117 yards and […]

ND is all it’s hyped up to be and more

I swear it was a scene out of a movie. South Bend, Ind. Population 108,000. Getting off the freeway in South Bend, you enter this fantasy world where everything revolves around college football. Now, I knew Notre Dame was supposed to be one of the best places to visit in college football and, by all […]

The BCS gives USC an uphill climb

With the release of the first Bowl Championship Series standings, every contender in college football is plotting the complex path it would take to get to the championship game. And the world keeps spinning. The October release is like clockwork; a whole bunch of numbers that mean nothing to the average college football fan is […]

The time has come, Lou Holtz must go

I live for college football Saturdays. It’s during those 14 Saturdays, when the 90-degree heat gives way to the 30-degree snow (at least in my hometown of Chicago), that life is as beautiful as the Italian opera singers in The Shawshank Redemption. Like the prisoners, I stop and soak it all in. But there is […]

The hype bubble has burst on Aaron Corp

This weekend’s match up between No. 6 USC and No. 25 Notre Dame always has a lot of hype to it, and it should. The game is a battle between two schools with arguably the country’s most prestigious college football histories. Each program has racked up 11 national championships, and both have had incredible players […]

The rejuvenated Irish embody coach’s style

The rivalry is finally back where it belongs. With both USC and Notre Dame entering Saturday’s game ranked in the top 25, there’s a return to normalcy surrounding the annual intersectional clash. But the renewed sense of relevancy goes beyond the little numbers next to each team’s name. The Trojans head to South Bend, Ind., […]

No end in sight for UCLA’s misery

This Saturday, I went over to the dark side: I went to a UCLA football game that didn’t involve USC. A friend of mine offered me a ticket to the Bruins’ game against Oregon, and with the Trojans enjoying their bye week, I decided to take the opportunity to see how the other half lives. […]

Former runner’s life anything but ordinary

At first glance, you can tell there’s something special — something different — about Louis Zamperini. He wears a cardinal USC hat and is 92 years old, but he’ll forgive you for thinking he’s 60. Most men his age are confined to their homes, but you can tell that Zamperini doesn’t live that life. In […]