Poe’s Perspective: Halladay will live on in our memories

Several days ago, I grew nostalgic for baseball season and subjected several of my sorority sisters to the movie Field of Dreams. The Kevin Costner classic is one of those feel-good movies that’s basically a surefire way to test the quality of someone’s soul character. (If they cry at the final scene, their soul’s doing […]

Jung Money: Arizona is a vital test for USC to win South

Certain individual performances in sports stick with you forever. It hasn’t been too long since Sam Darnold, as a redshirt freshman quarterback, spearheaded a heroic comeback against Penn State last January, but I know the furious final minutes of that miracle will stick in my mind for decades to come. I’ll also always remember last […]

Viscarra’s Vice: Fall Classic already an undisputed treasure

Award-winning sports columnist Rick Reilly often reflects and speaks on an experience of his in which the stage was just “too big.” Whenever Reilly reminisces about the 1986 Masters, when Jack Nicklaus won his sixth green jacket, he mentions a media member who held his head and uttered, “It’s too big. I can’t write it,” […]