Other sports trump football on campus

We know all the statistics and accolades. They are printed on cardinal T-shirts sold in the bookstore: seven consecutive 11-win seasons, BCS Bowls and Pac-10 Championships — not to mention the two national championships won in the middle of this decade. These stats seem to speak for themselves and declare USC football the best sport […]

Trojans won’t fail the ’Quizz this Saturday

USC has placed itself in a great position to run the table in the Pac-10 after winning a huge Ohio State game in its second contest of the season. Sound familiar? Well it should. Last year, the Trojans beat the Buckeyes 35-3 in Week 2 at the Coliseum and appeared to have passed their toughest […]

It’s too soon to crown Barkley

As a USC fan, it was alarming. When freshman quarterback Matt Barkley approached the huddle before the Trojans went for the two-point conversion late Saturday night, ESPN announcer Brent Musburger added a little bit of bravado to the already tense situation. “Right before your eyes, you’re watching a freshman grow up tonight, before a record-setting […]