OPINION: USC, stop labeling yourself as the victim

In response to the national college admissions scandal, USC victimized itself rather than taking responsibility.

Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor: USC Tyndall settlement shows strength in numbers

What was one of the best times of my life, however, quickly turned to one of the worst — an experience that I share with hundreds of women who attended USC and saw former gynecologist George Tyndall at the Engemann Student Health Center.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: USC must fully commit to sustainability

The challenges posed by climate change and other environmental disruptions are already massive and are destined to grow in magnitude and intensity over the coming years.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ben Shapiro event tomorrow will test USC’s commitment to diverse views and ideas

On Thursday, I fully intend on walking into Bovard Auditorium, taking a seat and attending Shapiro’s lecture.