Higher education must offer students holistic pathways

Schools should look to more diverse programs rather than vocational models so that students can explore their interests.

Letter to the Editor


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: USC must fully commit to sustainability

The challenges posed by climate change and other environmental disruptions are already massive and are destined to grow in magnitude and intensity over the coming years.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ben Shapiro event tomorrow will test USC’s commitment to diverse views and ideas

On Thursday, I fully intend on walking into Bovard Auditorium, taking a seat and attending Shapiro’s lecture.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ben Shapiro is a Trojan horse for hatred and bigotry on campus

As our fellow students and allied organizations across campus continue to spread the word and sound the alarm, we are often met with surprise that we take offense at this so-called moderate speaker on our campus.