Living in a metropolis means dealing with crime — on campus and off. The Daily Trojan dove deep into policing methods, crime trends and community impacts.

A Year in Crime

The Daily Trojan combed through a year’s worth of DPS data to see how crime has changed over time. Here’s what we found.

For DPS, responsibility goes beyond policing

How the Department of Public Safety tries to forge connections to better serve the community it protects.

Inside Campus Cruiser, USC’s long-time safe ride initiative

First, there was Fruber. Now there is Fryft. But for decades, USC has had its own rideshare program that it touts as the safer option.

Ask a "Yellow Jacket": Q&A with a USC security ambassador

Men and women in yellow patrol USC’s borders. What does a typical day look like for them?

The gentrification effect: lower crime, more displacement

As USC’s impact on the community grows, advocates are questioning the narrative that development makes communities safer.

Police officers turn to USC for extra education

Two USC schools offer a special training program to help the Los Angeles Police Department become more prepared to help local communities.