Crime and Safety
Living in a metropolis means dealing with crime — on campus and off. The Daily Trojan dove deep into policing methods, crime trends and community impacts.

Power and Privilege
Inside the University’s gates, beyond the brick buildings, lies the power and privilege of USC.

Speck of Green
Environmental degradation looms as the 21st century’s biggest challenge. But is USC doing enough?

The Making of a Modern Trojan
From the first time students step on the USC campus, they hear about the Trojan Family. They are welcomed into it, told of its legacy and embraced by its rich tradition.

Home Away From Home
Housing is a subject that affects us all; and in South L.A., communities of color are especially vulnerable to gentrification at the hands of landowners and developers, seeking to expand near USC’s neighborhood.

Brick by Brick
Physical renovations aren’t the only changes happening at USC.

USG 2018 Elections Voter Guide
The USG special issue tackles everything voters need to cast their ballot.

One year later, women march on
200,000 marchers descended upon the streets of Los Angeles Saturday in support of women’s rights and gender equality.