Courtside: Politics is not the problem in the modern world of sports

I’ve noticed a popular refrain — a call to action of sorts — in the world of sports these days, and it goes as such: Keep politics out of sports.

USC basketball legends attend ‘Women of Troy’ premiere at SCA

The documentary tells the story of USC’s 1980s women’s basketball team.

Featured: Football

Featured: Volleyball

Men’s volleyball swept by BYU in Provo

Despite some positive individual performances, USC fell to the Cougars.

Keller hired as women’s volleyball’s head coach

The new coach had spent nearly a decade developing UCLA’s volleyball programs.

Keller hired as women's volleyball head coach

Keller takes over the job 10 years after his first stint with USC volleyball.

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NCAA made a point with Trojans

USC is the first case of a school receiving major penalties because of illegal activity regarding agent-player relations. But as the SI report shows, this activity has been going on for at least 20 years, most likely longer.

Defensive woes with new scheme expected

Let me start off by dispelling the notion that patience is a virtue when it comes to following sports. In fact, I am convinced that whoever came up with that thought-provoking proverb never had to experience the agony of watching his team lose on gut-wrenching, last-second drives two weeks in a row. We live in […]

USC-Stanford Live Blog

Today’s game kicks off at 5:00 on the West Coast.  All updates will be timestamped with game time. Be sure to check out our Twitter feed for instant info at 6:54 4th Quarter. Stanford 34-28. USC is unable to score on the drive following Stanford’s touchdown. The offense hasn’t been able to get its […]

Stanford game a fork in the road for Trojans

Gen. George S. Patton, who led U.S. forces during World War II, experienced some crushing defeats in his career. His ability to recover after a loss, however, made him an icon of military leadership. “Success is how high you bounce after you hit the bottom,” Patton once said. During the last nine years, USC built […]